“A Northern Star, A Perfect Stone” – Debut Album From Experimental Artist Mappe Of Out July 28

A Northern Star, A Perfect Stone, the debut album from experimental Canadian artist Mappe Of, is set for release on July 28 through Paper Bag Records. The album’s opening two tracks, the delicate, atmospheric “Cavern’s Dark” and the progressive oeuvre “Nimbin” offer a glimpse into the scope of A Northern Star, A Perfect Stone. Both songs have just been released and can be heard HERE.

A Northern Star, A Perfect Stone is an other-worldly collection of 10 tracks that showcase Mappe Of’s ethereal avant-folk and sonic explorations. From classically-inspired, masterfully performed acoustic guitar arrangements to hauntingly beautiful melodies to lush epic soundscapes, this debut album introduces the world to a new artist unafraid to annihilate any musical boundaries and chart his own course.

Many of the narratives running throughout A Northern Star, A Perfect Stone are written from the perspective of troubled characters. “Carbon Scores and Smoke” finds a boy’s overactive mind leading him to burn his house down, while the inner conflict of “Unfound” reveals a man coping with a loved one suffering from a hereditary illness while facing the realization that he may suffer a similar fate. Mappe Of songs address the balancing of one’s own mental ability to exist while remaining cognizant of the mindset of the ones we love and others around us. All of these notions are delivered through an emotive range of vocal textures.

In the fast-pace, short attention span society of today, music tends to be about a fleeting moment in time before moving on to the next. Mappe Of challenges us to lose ourselves within a complete musical work. A Northern Star, A Perfect Stone is a piece of art that is best to experience via full immersion, because it is just that, an experience.

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