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Over the past year or so, I’ve been touring in support of a bunch of rad artists all over Canada the US and in Europe. I’ve been playing solo every night which at first felt like more of a necessity than anything but over time has become something that I very much love. The songs have grown and taken on a new life, I wanted to capture them again in this moment. So, without much of a plan I went over to my pal Kris Ulrich’s place and two days later we had a record that I am incredibly proud of. We recorded everything live with no overdubs to Kris’ recently purchased Tascam 388 tape machine. The process was fast and inspiring. I grabbed whatever instruments were in arms reach, a classical guitar, viola bass, my Roland Rhythm Ace drum machine, everything felt very off the cuff. Some new melodies surfaced, new arrangements, feels and harmonic structure. Kris ran everything through a spring reverb and a delay pedal and performed live effects as I played the songs in the room. I wasn’t on headphones so I didn’t know what he was doing until playback – it was always vibey and cool.

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Our friend Eric Roberts (Slow Spirit) filmed the entire process, while we were dialling in sounds or mic’ing up a new instrument he was quickly changing the lighting and vibe for the next song, the videos turned out so cool.

All of this to say, I’m very very excited to share these songs, they’ve breathed new life into an album that I was already quite proud of. As I embark on a lengthy headlining tour across North America with the band this year, this album feels like a really special way to mark the end of a beautiful era of solo touring. I hope you enjoy these versions as much as we enjoyed making them!

-Dylan MacDonald, aka Field Guide

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