They Came To Rock


They Came To Rock
October 28th & 29th
Nashville, TN

Starting in 1947, The Moonrock Orchestra has been defying gravity, space and time, sharing their vibes with the music lovers across the universe. 

This is your chance to see them live, now doing a short intergalactic pit stop this year.

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From their humble beginnings after a crash in New Mexico on the planet earth, MRO has been bringing their unique sound all across the galaxies.

For music lovers like you, they enjoy stopping by every so often to check on humanity and celebrate rock and roll.

Follow the stories of the earthlings who have seen them throughout their 230 year (in Earth years) “Eternal Solar Flare” tour, from a pilot in Washington, to a deputy in Texas, all the way to a crowd of thousands who witnessed their glory on a cold night in Belgium. 

Wherever you are, there’s probably a story about MRO touching down in your town, getting picked up by a radio scanner at 3 a.m. and most likely debunked by your friendly local government.

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