Mariel Buckley Releases New Single “Driving Around” + Live Full-Band Video

Singer-songwriter Mariel Buckley is releasing a new single “Driving Around” via streaming platforms HERE and as a live, full-band performance via YouTube. Buckley previously announced her forthcoming album Everywhere I Used to Be on August 12 via Birthday Cake Records (PRE-SAVE/PRE-ADD HERE) along with a lead single “Shooting at the Moon”, which received attention from The Boot, Country Queer, and Brooklyn Vegan among others.

Produced by Marcus Paquin (The Weather Station, The Barr Brothers, Arcade Fire, The National, Julia Jacklin), Buckley’s second album is a journey to find herself – both personally and artistically – through a bird’s eye view of heartbreak, unwanted change, and world-worn outsiders.

“When you grow up as the town freak, you get used to hiding who you are to become more palatable for those around you,” Buckley says. “While I’ve been great at speaking my mind in person, my music has often remained a vague, if not softer representation of my stuff, until now.”

Revealing her authentic self is growth enough and Buckley pushes her songwriting to similar challenging efforts on Everywhere I Used to Be. While in the studio, Buckley and Paquin made an intentional move towards contemporary production, and quickly found themselves in a daily rhythm of deconstructing and rebuilding each song to find its full potential. “Whatever Helps You” is Buckley serenading the night in the style of country futurist and in “Neon Blue” she struggles with loss through an echoey guitar lick and ‘80s synth chords that transition into a pulsing rock beat. Other songs paint vivid novellas with their detailed, personalized lyrics – “Strip malls, local bank / Street lined up with neon crosses” (in “Hate This Town”) or “Just sold that old wagon we dented / Rocks kicked up, scratched off the paint” (in “Horse Named Nothing”).

Everywhere I Used to Be is Buckley’s follow-up to her debut Driving in the Dark (2018), which received praise from No Depression, CBC Music, and many others. Now, after a two-year forced hiatus, she is ready to get back on the road and tour across the world behind her growing canon of beautiful, heartfelt story-songs.