Sarah Shook Announces New Solo Project Mightmare, Debut Album “Cruel Liars” Out 10/14

Known as the lead singer/songwriter of Chapel Hill’s Sarah Shook & the Disarmers, Sarah Shook has a new solo project, Mightmare, and will release their debut album Cruel Liars on October 14 via Kill Rock Stars (pre-save/pre-order). The first song “Saturn Turns” is available now as a streaming single (here) and via music video (here).

“I created my solo project Mightmare and leaned into it obsessively for the first year of the pandemic and out of that manic fixation came Cruel Liars,” Shook says. “I put every cell and strand of my being in this album, I’m proud of it for its brightest moments and its glaring imperfections, for its darkness and its quiet hand guiding me to zeniths of personal truths.”

With Sarah Shook & the Disarmers grounded from touring during the global pandemic in 2020, Mightmare came about as an intrinsic need to create and express. Fresh off becoming sober, Shook devoted newly available time and energy into the comprehensive process of making an album from start to finish. As a result, Cruel Liars is almost completely self-made and was written, produced, and engineered by Shook.

The debut album’s eight songs are brimming with textured emotion, anthemic energy, and striking depth. Cruel Liars is accessible at any entry point – whether it’s a crawling, cinematic indie rock feel of lead single “Saturn Turns” or the uplifting electronic production of “Easy” – and unlike anything Shook has done before.