Langhorne Slim To Release His Most Personal Album with “Strawberry Mansion” on January 29th

On January 29th, venerated singer/songwriter Langhorne Slim will release his most personal and revealing work to date with Strawberry Mansion (Dualtone Music). Over the course of 19 songs (45 minutes), the celebrated artist shares his struggles with debilitating anxiety and depression, while also discovering the beauty and clarity that came though his journey to recovery. Strawberry Mansion is not about sobriety or self-pity; it is an album of hope, healing and the belief that we are all connected. If we just block out all the noise and take a deep look within ourselves, we can see it. That sentiment is firmly set forth in opening track “Mighty Soul”. He sings, “Someday the world might come and blow your house down / First a tornado then a plague / Let us use our hands to help and hold / Let us pour love into the Mighty Soul.” Listen to “Mighty Soul” HERE.

Langhorne Slim had not written a song for over a year. His clinically diagnosed anxiety disorder and prescription drug abuse had stifled much of his creativity until he started on the road to recovery at the end of 2019. Staying on that healing path became much more challenging after a tornado decimated parts of his neighborhood in East Nashville last February.  Just days later Covid-19 took hold creating more uncertainly in the world outside, but Slim stayed the course. He began to see that healing and inner peace were possible and in time, writing these songs became a much-needed cathartic process.

Once he began grappling with his issues, Slim broke through his creative roadblock by writing one lone song. Soon after, and to his surprise, he experienced a stream-of-consciousness writing streak pumping out song after song, without overthinking it. With the help of a friend, he would film intimate, impromptu performances of tracks and post them to his Instagram account such as this one for “Mighty Soul”. The whole process proved to be a great gift and emotionally liberating. Slim realized that others shared many of the same experiences, insecurities and fears and perhaps he could help bring people together by sharing his own and offering some of his observations. He addresses these subjects head on, including anxiety (“Panic Attack”), loneliness and isolation (“Lonesome Times”), longing nostalgia (“Strawberry Mansion”), compassion and connection (“Morning Prayer”), complicity (“Blood On Yer Lips”), greed, (“High-Class”) and most important of all, hope (“Mighty Soul”).

Strawberry Mansion is Langhorne Slim’s seventh full-length album, and easily his most vital. He opens himself up more than ever and speaks directly to those with similar issues and concerns. Ultimately though, Langhorne Slim he is reminding us of how we all need each other and to recognize that we can all make a difference right now.

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