“Jim Flammia has represented me since 2002 through the release of my last nine albums. He has respected my integrity, honored my decisions, been sensitive to my needs, celebrated my triumphs, endured my stubborn artistic temperament….. all with a creative, strong and caring hand. Besides all that, he’s a helluva guy, a sweetheart and a damn good cook!”Lucinda Williams

“Jim is among the very best publicists I have worked with in my career. He was vital at Lost Highway, and key in maintaining the vision and integrity of the label. He has great instincts, work ethic, wide musical tastes and has extensive industry contacts and relationships.”Luke Lewis, Former Chairman – UMG Nashville / Founder, Lost Highway Records

“Jim Flammia was my publicist when I was signed to Universal Lost Highway, and when we both moved on, I immediately hired Jim and his new company All Eyes Media to keep the momentum he’d built for me going. I know of no one in the music business with greater integrity. Jim and his staff’s work on my behalf is the reason I am able to play 100+ shows in the US every year. Their commitment to me, and to all the clients at All Eyes Media, is passionate and personal. They love their clients, and we love them. It’s the passion that makes the difference. The love is infectious, it makes media want to hear our work. I am deeply grateful for all All Eyes Media has done to advance my career, which, by the way, is still growing, thanks to the amazing press they’ve been able to consistently get me. This is a long term relationship for me, and I ain’t leaving. I am 100% thrilled to be working with AEM.”Mary Gauthier

“Jim is a hugely talented publicist. His knowledge of the media landscape and passion to tell the world about the acts he believes in is unfailingly impressive.”David Macias, President – Thirty Tigers

“Jim Flammia the publicist is creative, plays well with others, and gets the job done. Jim Flammia the person is pretty cool, too – a great force to have in your corner.”John Bell of Widespread Panic

“If you want to hire a publicist that’s as passionate about music and your clients as you are then Jim Flammia is your man. He and his team have killed it for my clients. I can spend my days working on other aspects of their careers as I know their PR campaigns are in good hands.”Traci Thomas, Manager – Jason Isbell / St. Paul & The Broken Bones

“One of the most valued assets at Lost Highway for many years, Jim Flammia is more than a publicist. He is an orchestrator of the press and a conductor of influence and development. Now on his own, he can truly put his heart and soul into things he believes in. We should all be so lucky to have him on our side.”Frank Riley, High Road Touring

“Jim and his staff are like family to us. In an industry where over promising and under delivering is common, Jim has consistently blown us away with the level of opportunities he brings to the table. The overall execution of the media plan for our artists has been stellar. The projects we have worked on together would simply not be the same without All Eyes. Jim is self-motivated and passionate about the work he does and his company helps us break bands. I look forward to the advancement in human cloning so we can clone them all and double the amount of work we send them!”Paul Roper, President – Dualtone Music Group

“Jim’s remarkable intuition, experience, and emotional intelligence gives him a unique understanding of the needs of every single project he puts his energy towards. To say that we are happy with him would be a dramatic understatement. Jim has been a cornerstone of our recent success and is a member of our extended family. In an ever changing music business, we take comfort in knowing he is on our team now and in the future.”Paul Bannister, Manager – Shovels & Rope

“Jim Flammia and Donica Elliott are the publicists I have come to respect and trust the most with my music career. Throughout numerous records and tours, All Eyes Media is always there giving my band the best shot at local, national, and international press. I have always appreciated the community feel of their organization. They come to the shows and listen to the records, thereby investing in their artists’ work. This makes every pitch they give an impassioned one. I am so glad to have Jim and Donica on our team.”Ketch Secor of Old Crow Medicine Show

“I’ve known Jim Flammia for over 20 years, both as a coworker, a friend, and later as a label manager looking to hire an independent publicist. Over those 10 years, I’ve only heard good things from other people when his name comes up, and it’s for good reason. Jim is passionate, and selective about the projects he chooses to work, and it shines through in his results. The latest album we worked on together has received the most press coverage of any new artist project I can recall working on.”Josh Nicotra, GM – Brushfire Records

“Jim and I worked together when he was in charge of publicity for the Johnny Cash albums at Lost Highway Records. Jim was effective in creating publicity opportunities that were unique. He worked well with Johnny, who eagerly did important interviews. Johnny enjoyed working with Jim because he knew that Jim’s requests for his time would result in valuable and effective promotion. Jim always takes care of business.”Lou Robin, Manager – Johnny Cash

“Jim has been an incredibly valuable asset to our team. He was able to come in on the ground floor of a project and deliver results beyond our expectations. His professionalism and passion make him one of the best in the business.”Burt Stein, Gold Mountain Entertainment , Manager – Hard Working Americans

“Music PR is all too often a case of expectation far exceeding realization. In the case of Jim Flammia that mold is broken, as he not only delivers as promised but prides himself in delivering the unexpected. Feel lucky if he agrees to take on your artist as a client, as it’s as close to a guarantee as you’ll get in this business.”Gary Schwindt – Former Manager, Flogging Molly

“Jim Flammia is relentless in his efforts to spread the word about good music, and I know that no opportunity has been missed when we work with him. He is passionate about the music, and he wants others to share his enthusiasm. He improves our odds for a successful release.”Logan Rogers, President – Lightning Rod Records

“To be good at publicity, you need to understand culture and the ever-changing, typically volatile media landscape. Navigating these choppy waters with enthusiasm, drive, power, yet charm, is Jim Flammia. Across two albums with our ever-rising management artist Johnny Flynn, Jim has accurately communicated and reinforced the message of Johnny’s music, and glancing at the rest of his finely curated, hand-picked roster, Jim seems to be similarly flying the flag for all those other supremely talented artists that he works with. Jim’s All Eyes Media is a PR service we would strongly recommend to all of our fellow contemporaries and peers in music.”Toby L, Founder and Company Director, Transgressive (UK)