Little Silver To Release Eclectic Debut Album “Somewhere You Found My Name” On 7/21

Little Silver will independently release their debut album Somewhere You Found My Name on July 21st. Based in Brooklyn, and built around the ethereal vocals of married duo Erika Simonian and Steve Curtis, Somewhere You Found My Name is a gorgeous collection of original songs which confront the shifting landscape of gaining and losing loved ones, changes in perspective, and the uncertainty of life itself. Little Silver’s sparse arrangements and beautifully understated vocals bring these everyday truths to life.

Erika Simonian and Steve Curtis were both touring musicians when they met in New York. Curtis was performing with the contemporary folk group Hem, and Simonian in a variety of rock bands. The two fell in love and married two years later, forming Little Silver as a duo in 2010. Simonian was drawn to playing a softer style of music, while Curtis sought an opportunity to let loose musically. What the two created with Little Silver falls somewhere right in the middle, adding drummer Ray Rizzo and David Tarica on bass.

Simonian and Curtis co-wrote all of the material on the new album. The experience of being partners in both life and music informs the themes of growth, loss, commitment, and the evolution of relationships that are woven throughout Somewhere You Found My Name. The album’s opener, “The Luckiest Thief” speaks to the fortunate feeling of cherished last moments with someone you’re losing, while “The Slowing and The Start” talks about the intimidation surrounding commitment and the unknowns of marriage and starting a family. And though the album’s tranquil title track could easily be mistaken for a love song, it is actually a reflection on new life, a child entering into your world. Though most of the record was written before their second daughter was born, “Somewhere You Found My Name” was written when Simonian had found out she was pregnant halfway through the recording process.

The beauty in Little Silver’s music is the way that they collaborate and create as a couple, working through life’s changes and encouraging the listener to process these experiences along with them. Though the circle of life is often not considered a headline in itself, it can be a personal catalyst for music that is important and meant to be shared.

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