Perseverance Pays Off As Carolina Story Announces July 13th Label Debut “Lay Your Head Down”

Carolina Story will release Lay Your Head Down, their full-length debut album on Black River Americana on July 13th, 2018. Centered around the gorgeous harmonies of Nashville based husband and wife duo Ben & Emily Roberts, Lay Your Head Down is a heartfelt collection of original songs that capture two people’s moving journey through questioning, self-doubt and ultimately their perseverance.

Ben and Emily met in Memphis while attending college.  After dating for three months, the couple took a camping trip to North Carolina, where they co-wrote their first song.  The idea of starting a band came together on the car ride home, and Carolina Story was born.  Though Ben and Emily’s life today is a shared dream come true, it has taken roughly ten years of working other jobs (high school sports coach to baker), touring relentlessly and writing to arrive at this point.  Married with two young children, Carolina Story’s decade long pursuit of a career in music is finally coming to fruition.

The experience of growing as partners in both life and music informs the themes of gained wisdom, commitment, parenthood and resolve that are woven into Lay Your Head Down.  The melancholy “We Were Young Once Too” laments the loss of innocence while also appreciating the wisdom gained with experience, while “Your Children’s Children” focuses on things one might pass on to their own children.  An album standout, “Let Me Rock, Let Me Roll” captures the essence of Carolina Story . . . how they genuinely love singing together and share a commitment to both music and life.  Ben and Emily co-wrote all of the material on the new album which was mostly recorded in Nashville, TN at Sound Stage Studios and produced by Nick Autry.

The beauty in Carolina Story’s music is the way in which they collaborate and create as a couple, and this translates into their live performances as well, encouraging the listener to process and celebrate these experiences along with them.

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