Rose’s Pawn Shop Announces Long-Awaited Album “Punch-Drunk Life,” Out November 4

Modern roots-rock band Rose’s Pawn Shop will release their new album Punch-Drunk Life on November 4 via KZZ Music.  Recorded at Electro Sound Recordings in Los Angeles, the album features 12 songs packed with an Americana punch, telling stories of  hard-fought battles and redemption.  The entrancing first single “Ghost Town” is about facing a crossroads, grappling with the loss of a relationship that has come to a close, and building the inner resolve to grow and build something new.  Listen to “Ghost Town” HERE and via DSPs HERE.

If there’s one theme to Rose’s Pawn Shop and Punch-Drunk Life it is resilience, which is built into the band’s DNA. It has influenced their name, a nod to frontman Paul Givant’s ex-girlfriend, Rose, who infamously reacted to the pair’s breakup by stealing the band’s equipment and pawning it across Los Angeles. It has also fueled their steadfastness to move forward through adversity, whether it was the pandemic, a shifting lineup, home priorities or anything else that has arisen since Gravity Well, their acclaimed 2014 album.  Throughout it all, Rose’s Pawn Shop continued touring, earning fans in every mountain town throughout Alaska, California, the Pacific Northwest and the Southwest.

Punch-Drunk Life finds core members reuniting as if they never left each other’s tuneful side, while deepening the breadth of their lyrics and musicianship.  Frontman /songwriter Paul Givant, guitarist/producer Zachary Ross, upright bassist Stephen Andrews, drummer Matt Lesser, and multi-instrumentalists Tim Weed and John Kraus offer a new and improved Rose’s Pawn Shop.  Elements of traditional country and roots effortlessly blend with electric guitar, fiddle and percussion, all aligned with layered vocal harmonies. Givant’s eloquent songwriting elevates the group’s textured sound, reflecting the evolution of both his internal and external worlds. “My writing has become more precise,” he says. “Our earlier albums had a darker tint, but this one is more hopeful. It’s a reflection of the positive things in my life — my marriage, my relationships with friends and family — against a backdrop of the challenges we’re still up against.”

After wrapping an extensive summer tour throughout the US, Rose’s Pawn Shop have returned to the city of angels until they forge ahead with shows later this year and in 2023. Tour dates and additional information are to come.