The Suitcase Junket Releases Urgent Message About Climate Change With “Can’t Look Away” From “The End is New” Out November 20

Acclaimed multi-instrumentalist The Suitcase Junket has released “Can’t Look Away” from his upcoming album The End is New, out November 20 via Renew Records/BMG. The Suitcase Junket is the moniker for one-man-band Matt Lorenz. “Can’t Look Away” finds The Suitcase Junket protesting the overuse of our planet alongside rock beats and catchy hooks.  The video offers both a throwback and futurist look at the world we all inhabit.  Watch “Can’t Look Away” HERE.

From Matt Lorenz / The Suitcase Junket: 
“We know we are responsible for increasing the pace of climate change and yet we have made it into a petty wedge issue to help divide us into polarized political camps. We know there are concrete steps we can take to decrease our unsustainable and glutinous consumption but refuse to do so in order to propagate the myth of constant growth and pad the pockets of the wealthiest among us.  I just wish we could see that we are responsible for our own continued existence here and it’s a damn nice place to live. The video for this track speaks to this sentiment as well. “Won’t stop till we use it up and somehow it ain’t ever enough, even seeing how it’s killing us when we lose from winning.” 

Lorenz and co-producer, Steve Berlin of Los Lobos, categorized The End is New  as “doom-folk” with the 11-song collection balancing between the grand and the solitary. Epic sound and imagery meet thrift and self-reliance. With a heavy mix of hope and desperation, Lorenz mirrors society using truth, confessions and stories in his lyrics while tackling issues he holds dear. From environmentalism and the politicization of climate change to coping with loss and the unrelenting news cycle, The End is New is a testament to Lorenz’s endless inventiveness and finding a deeper, more refined sound with each new release.

‘The Suitcase Junket’ is a nod to Lorenz’s longtime love of collecting old suitcases, including an antique that he’s refurbished into a bass drum, and to a secondary definition of junket, i.e. “a pleasure excursion.” The End is New is his sixth full-length album and his first for Renew Records/BMG. Renew is BMG’s recently launched Americana/ Roots based label. The End is New is its third release.

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