Tomorrow Margo Price To Guest DJ on Gimme Radio’s “Gimme Country”

On Tuesday, August 18th, celebrated artist Margo Price returns to Gimme Radio’s 24/7 streaming music platform Gimme Country as a Guest DJ from 12:00pm – 2:00pm CT. On the show, Price will offer insights into the inspirations behind each track from That’s How Rumors Get Started, an album that commits her scorching rock-and-roll show to record for the very first time. She will share picks from her musical heroes and current favorites as well. All tips collected via Gimme Country’s Tip Jar will be going to Margo’s band and crew to support them while they’re off the road. Log onto or Download the Gimme Country app for free to listen.

Price is just one of the trusted tastemakers and rising stars to partner with Gimme Country to share the very best music outside the modern country genre. Jesse Dayton, Brandy Clark and Joshua Hedley are part of Gimme Country’s permanent programming while special guests are added often. The stellar upcoming Guest DJ lineup includes: Joshua Hedley’s The Grand Tour with Guest Host Jerry Pentecost (August 19), Jesse Dayton’s Badass Country with Guest Host Hayes Carll (August 19), Sunny Sweeney (August 21), Jesse Dayton’s Badass Country with Guest Host Jonny Two Bags (August 26), Orleans Parish Line with Guest Hosts Travis Blankenship and Connie Collingsworth (August 27), Steve Shelley (Sonic Youth) and Steve Shepherd (August 27), Mustangs of the West (August 28), Emma Swift (August 31), Ashley Ray (September 1), Danny B. Harvey (September 4), Tennessee Jet (September 8), No Depression (September 11) and Jesse Malin (September 18).

The tip jar has been an extremely important function for Gimme Radio, as listener support of the artists has become extremely important during these troubled times. With a virtual tip jar, fans have generously paid out over $37,000 to artists thus far. This DIY spirit echoes throughout Gimme Radio, as fans eagerly encourage the musicians, similar to early days in clubs.  

Gimme Country is one of the flagship stations of Gimme Radio, which focuses on building a community of passionate fans. Gimme Country and the other flagship station Gimme Metal have live-feeds for fans to interact with other fans, the DJs, and directly with the artists they love. It’s a truly unique fan experience that cannot be found on any other online music service. Gimme Radio strives to serve the underserved fans and artists. Playing the legacy artists (and not just their hits), embracing the outlaws and outsiders and showcasing the up-and-comers. That’s Gimme Radio

About Gimme Radio
Founded by digital music veterans from Apple Music, Google Play, Beats Music and Rhapsody, Gimme Radio is the ultimate music service for the true music fan. As the only online music service designed with the idea of community and to “serve the underserved”. Gimme Radio delivers listeners music from the past, present and up-and-coming acts. Gimme Radio launched its first community in June of 2017: the world’s first 24/7 metal-focused service (also available for iOS and Android app). Fans tuned in to hear world class DJs playing metal they can’t hear anywhere else – for free.  And Gimme Radio allows the fans and the DJs/artists to communicate directly with one another in a live feed, real time, as the music is being played. 

Gimme Radio currently offers the unique musical experiences of Gimme Metal and Gimme Country with upcoming plans to expand genres and launch new channels within genres. Gimme Radio believes in the passion of the music community to give its listeners great programming – not algorithms. That’s why every song played on Gimme Radio is hand-selected by the musicians, music journalists, producers, labels and tastemakers that music fans already know and trust. Gimme Radio is also dedicated to building a community of fans within the service. On Gimme Radio, listeners, DJs and artists can all engage in a conversation around the music – as it’s playing. And Gimme Radio’s business model puts the focus back on the music : selling vinyl records of whatever the DJ is playing, and other collectible goods that fans crave. 

Gimme Radio:

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